Words: Miriam Lafontaine & Carl Bindman
Photos: Elisa Barbier & Carl Bindman

After a winter of record-breaking misery, it’s finally spring time in Montreal. But it isn’t just people who are happy to see the sun past dinner time.

Dogs are out and about in the city, taking in as much warmth as they can with their owners. There may still be snow on the ground, but that isn’t slowing these dogs down.

“Their attitude has really changed,” said Anne-Marie, who walks dogs for a lawyer in the Golden Square Mile. “In the winter when it’s cold, they don’t like going outside. Lapin gets really sensitive to the cold. Now they have more energy.”

“He loves it! He absolutely loves it,” said Karen Roberts, who walks Maddie, a Labradoodle, five days a week for her friend.

And now that it’s spring, it’s grooming time, and the dogs are showing off their fresh trims, Maddie included. “He got his winter hair taken off, so that’s why he looks so handsome,” said Roberts.

Other dogs enjoying the warm breeze are also adjusting to new environments.

“We just moved to this neighbourhood, and he’s discovered the dog park, so he’s getting to run and get his exercise,” said Carole McKeown, who adopted her dog Imo from the Humane Society two years ago.

The City reporters went out to track down some more good dogs enjoying the beginnings of spring in the city. Check out their photo series to see what they were able to fetch:

Maddie and Karen Roberts take a walk in the streets of Ville-Marie, Montreal. Maddie is a Labradoodle with a fresh cut to celebrate the spring. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Imo and Carole McKeown take a stroll on the streets of Ville-Marie, Montreal. “When we got him from the Humane Society, he had really bad diarrhea and he needed Imodium, so we called him Imodium,” says McKeown. “It’s Imo for short.” (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Rocky and Mario Dupont enjoy a walk in the Percy Walters Park in Montreal. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

According to his owner, Carole McKeown, Imo loves the Ville-Marie neighbourhood because it is less noisy than his previous home. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Maddie is a Labradoodle. She recently got a fresh cut to celebrate the spring. “So, that’s why he looks so handsome,” says her owner Karen Roberts. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

As spring begins and the days get warmer, Rocky loves to eat the melting snow at the park after a good run. “I make him feel free every time he’s out, so I let him run, and make him happy all the time,” says Mario Dupont, who is currently taking caring of Rocky. “He loves when I’m around too.” (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Lapin is very curious about the camera but gets shy at the sound of the shutter. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Anette sits with her walker, Anne-Marie, as Lapin looks at the them at the Percy Walters Park in Montreal. (Photo by Elisa Barbier)

Summer is a good Verdun dog, posing here in J. Albert-Gariépy Park. She’s a 10-year-old Retriever Shepherd taking her time to soak up this setting sun. (Photo by Carl Bindman)

Sushi, a lively adopted Boxer, is three years old. She lives in Verdun, and is very gentle. Her owner says she’s “living a good life.” But spring might be tricky for Sushi, because she hates puddles. (Photo by Carl Bindman)